Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Orientation Begins!

Good evening! I just checked into the hotel in Denver for orientation. I'm traveling to Antarctica with my friend Larry Fabulous (yes, that's really his last name), and tomorrow morning, our training begins bright and early at 7:30. Oh, so early. I'm not sure yet what all will be covered, but I'll be posting again soon to let you know.

On a sad note, it appears my laptop may have finally kicked the bucket. When I turned it on a few minutes ago, it got caught in a startup loop that wouldn't start up. It kept showing me a blue screen but it never left the blue screen up long enough for me to read it, so I'm not sure what it said. I'm hoping it will decide to work at least once more soon, but I'm not very optimistic. Fortunately, I backed up everything a couple of weeks ago, so I won't lose very much data at all. But still, it's sad to see my computer go. It got me through grad school and lasted me nearly seven years. Larry has very generously offered to let me update my blog from his computer. Thank you, Larry! :)

Chris (cmwrobel), NANA is the name of the company that hired me. Here's a link to their webpage (http://www.nanaservices.com/jobs.html).

Time to go to bed. Zzzzzzzz...

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  1. You might try wiping your hard drive and reinstaling your OS. I can email you instructions to do that. It beats spending money on new hardware if it works.