Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Photos from Christchurch, New Zealand!

Finally! Photos to upload! :)

On the way to Antarctica, we stopped in Christchurch, New Zealand where we picked up our extreme cold weather clothing and spent a few days just hanging out. Here are some photos from those three days. Enjoy! :)

This is the cathedral in the main square of Christchurch, New Zealand. It's probably the most famous structure here and Cathedral Square is the center of town.

This is the Bridge of Rememberance, built in honor of all the New Zealand soldiers who died in WWI. Under the arch in the background is the Hotel Grand Chancellor where I stayed in Christchurch.
Here is a fun coffee shop that my friend Larry and I found that serves fantastic coffee and a very yummy blackberry and chocolate chip muffin. Mmmm...
Larry and I also found the botanical garden in Christchurch. Even though it's winter, there are still flowers in bloom and the area is beautiful. Of the three days we spent in the city, this was the only afternoon when the sun came out.
Here are some people taking a boat ride down the Avon River, the main river that runs through Christchurch. The town has a strong British feel to it.

Me amidst the flowers. :)
Larry amidst some more flowers. :)
We saw a mother duck and her ducklings in one of the pond in the garden.
More ducks...
The scrumptious deserts we had on our last night in Christchurch at a restaurant called Strawberry Fare. They were so rich that we couldn't finish them!


  1. Beautiful pictures of the park! Oh, and that last one with the deserts is making me want some chocolate... : )

  2. Thanks...... the photos are great and I appreciate the information.... I want to go on the leisurely boat tour... plus, so good to see you both 'amidst the flowers'!

  3. Love these pics and details, by the way, that pic in the flowers is one of my favorite photos of you EVER Joseph! : )