Sunday, October 2, 2011

Penguins at Hut Point

Back in early March, Larry and I took a hike with our friend Zachary to visit the penguins before they left McMurdo for the winter. A whole flock of them had gathered on the sunny side of Hut Point, enjoying the last few days of (relatively) warm sunlight.

On the way to Hut Point, we saw these penguins beside the road except for one sitting right in the middle of the road.

This penguin never budged as we walked by him, but he did squawk every time my camera clicked from taking a picture.

Larry and the penguins


By this point, the sea had begun to refreeze, although it was far from solid. Small waves filled with chunks of ice were still splashing at Hut Point.

Large pieces of ice in the distance, floating out to sea.

Larry stands on frozen ground, where only a couple weeks prior there was rock instead of ice.

Zachary and I on the frozen shore.

More waves!

A big wave!

The sun reflecting off the tiny pieces of frozen sea water.

Off in the distance, we saw a penguin walking across an ice floe. Occasionally it would fall into the water and then climb back up and keep walking. We weren't sure where it was headed, but it was fun to watch. :)

So many penguins!

Me with the penguins.

Zachary and I with the penguins.

Larry with the penguins.

This one was resting over the hill, a little bit away from the big group.

The penguin on the right was restless and kept flopping around among the others, several of whom got irritated and squawked at him. Very entertaining! :)

The restless penguin continues flopping around.

Penguin tracks!

The green stuff you see is penguin poop. Yes, it's green, and yes, they sit in it. Eew.


Crazy penguin! Larry somehow managed to take this photo right when this penguin went spastic. 

Stretching the wings!

A view of Discovery Hut and McMurdo Station.

Another view of the shoreline and the refreezing sea.

The lowering sun reflecting over the water.

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