Monday, September 5, 2011

Winfly Begins

Last weekend, I drove one of the shuttles out to the airfield to pick up new people arriving for Winfly (short for Winter Fly-in), the season of preparation that lasts from late August until early October when the full summer season begins. There are now about 500 people on station getting things ready for the arrival of the heavy scientific research season that runs from early October through late February. It's nice to see old friends and new people, but it's an adjustment getting used to all the new energy that they bring. Everyone is so tan from their summer adventures, a stark contrast to the paleness of those who spent the winter down here away from the sun. I enjoyed the winter season immensely and plan to come back for one more next year, but it's good to wake up from the semi-slumber of 24-hour nighttime. :)

A glimpse of long-awaited sunlight (perhaps the actual sun?) from the airfield.

The C-17 comes into view.

The shuttles are lined up waiting for the arrival of over a hundred new people on this second of three passenger flights for Winfly.

Coming in for a landing... 

...and now on the ground.

Everytime I see one of these, I'm still amazed it can land on a shelf of ice.

Here come all the new people!

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