Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fourth of July Party

The first weekend in July, we had our annual July 4 party. The Vehicle Maintenance Facility (VMF) cleared out the large space where they work on vehicles and set up tables and booths for the carnival celebration. There was chili and funnel cakes, games, a dunking booth, a cheetos dive, a photo booth, and lots of people dressed up in costume.

Troy and Amanda made vegetarian chili for the party and it was really good.  Mmmmm...

Gemma made funnel cakes, one of my favorite deserts.  Mmmmm...

The store ladies Keri and Cara set up a triwall full of cheetos for people to dive into. One of the firefighters knocked the box over when he dove, so everyone here is picking up cheetos.

Stephanie is having way too much fun cleaning up cheetos.

Bill, one of the station managers, dressed as Izzy, the lady who was med-evacked the week before. Even though Izzy and her husband John were missed, Izzy was able to get the medical attention she needed and recovered quickly.

Chelsea dressed in her most patriotic colors.

Edwina and her Siamese twin. Edwina is a communist activist and not very patriotic, but she wanted to participate in the party, so she created a super-patriotic Siamese twin as a reason to go. :)

Chelsea and me having a good time.

George, one of the station managers, volunteered for the dunking tank, and he got dunked a few times.

Joey mans the beer pong table. Anyone who could toss a ping-pong ball into one of the cups won a free beer.

Brian and me hanging out. Brian's having more fun than he seems to be. :)

Kelli sports her "six pack" abs. I'm not sure where she found this shirt, but it's fantastic. And she was handing out free beer as well.
Travis showed up as a pregnant redneck and it was kinda scary how well he played the part. ;) 

Justin as Winnie the Pooh. Justin is in charge of making sure the kitchen runs smoothly. (And generally it does.) ;)
A photo booth was set up in one corner of the party, so my friend Brooks and I went in an made a few fun photos.

Half-and-half green screen

Half-and-half, donut style

Look at my squashed head!!

OMG! Surprised by Jamie!

Kyle joined us for a couple of pics.

In the shadow of the rainbow...

I look like some sort of purple bearded tree creature... or something?

Free floating hands!

After the party, Brian, Larry, Kenny, and I hung out at Gallagher's, McMurdo's bar. Since no one else was there, it became Antarctica's only gay bar for the evening. :)

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  1. always enjoy reading your blog and seeing the photos, Joseph!